The Academy

New for 2021 Ultimate Long Drive, Inc. introduces the Ultimate Long Drive (ULD) Academy. The ULD Academy certifies long drive trainers and coaches to operate clinics in licensed territories. The Academy is open to both Amateur and Professional Long Drive players as well as any golfer looking to add distance to their game. Ultimate Long Drive, Inc. also operates the Amateur Long Drive™ and Xtreme Long Drive® World Championship series’.


The ULD Academy utilizes a multi-staged training format designed to help any golfer get the most out of their swing.  Stage One focusses on technique and swing speed. Stage Two dives deeper into technique with a focus on ball speed. Stage Three is all about competition and preparing for game day. The program is designed to give participants immediate positive results. Most will finish Stage One and Two clinics with a proven, marked increase in swing speed and ball speed. Stage Three teaches how to properly use the new-found resource during competition. Most amateur long drivers do not approach competition with a plan….other than swinging as had as possible. ULD Academy helps them get the most of their talent and prepares them for competition.

All Golfers

All (at least most) golfers want to get more distance off the tee. The ULD Academy Stage One and Two clinics will include any golfer looking for the few extra yards. In today’s PGA world distance is proving to be a huge factor. Any golfer can advance their game with a few well-controlled extra yards.

Those interested in attending an Ultimate Long Drive Academy clinic may be placed on a waiting list HERE to be notified as clinic schedules are announced.

Trainers. Certification.

The Academy requires instructors to become certified in each stage of the curriculum. Once certified for Stage One, licensed trainers may host Stage One clinics. Certified Stage Two trainers may host Stage Two clinics. All certified trainers may offer personal coaching and training outside the clinics.  Stage Three certification will be limited to highly experienced long drive trainers and players.


Certified trainers may license ULD Academy territories based on geographic boundaries and an area’s overall population. Each licensed territory comes with certain minimum requirements and performance-based graduated advancement opportunities.  Interested trainers may apply HERE.